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The website was created to stimulate the reading of the Bible. The text explanation is intended as an aid to personal study of the Bible. On the website you will find the Bible text with explanations of the letter to the Romans till Revelation. This is the Rock-solid series, written especially for those who are young in the faith. But also those who are more mature in the faith will have profit from it. From the Old Testament an extended explanation and application of the book of Proverbs is available. Of all other Bible books the Bible text can be read. Read every book of the Bible and the possible given explanation and application prayerfully and your love to the Lord Jesus will increase enormously. You will get more and more attached to Him and at the same time the effect will be that you will become disconnected from the world more and more.

Here are a few practical tips that might help you:

  1. Provide yourself with a good translation of the Bible. Some good translations are the New American Standard Bible (NASB), the New King James Version (NKJV), the New Translation by J.N. Darby (JND) and the King James Version (KJV), preferably with the New Scofield word updates. I will be using the NASB, with permission granted by The Lockman Foundation on February 10, 2016 when referencing and quoting Scripture unless I note otherwise.
  2. Each part starts with the Bible text, after which the explanation follows. I recommend that you also read this section in your own Bible. All underlined text references in the explanation appear when clicked on the text reference. Check whether the text reference is correct. Text references containing more than 40 verses are not displayed.
  3. I tried to write the explanation in a way that encourages you read the Bible text. At the beginning and end of each section, I have listed the Bible verses pertaining to that section. I encourage you to read those verses before and after reading the section.
  4. Self-discipline is important. You have to be willing to discipline yourself to take time to understand the Bible better. I suggest that you read the Bible at a set time that’s best for you.
The whole Bible is a splendid book and it’s my prayer that you’ll get this impression in an increasing way. I wish you God’s blessing!

Ger de Koning
Middelburg, Netherlands, 2018

Explanation of general format

Are capitalized when pertaining to Deity.

Are used in this commentary in the Bible text to indicate words which are not found in the original Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek but implied by it.

Are used in the New Testament to mark verbs that are historical presents in the Greek which have been translated with an English past tense in order to conform to modern usage. The translators recognized that in some contexts the present tense seems more unexpected and unjustified to the English reader than a past tense would have been. But Greek authors frequently used the present tense for the sake of heightened vividness, thereby transporting their readers in imagination to the actual scene at the time of occurrence. However, the translators felt that it would be wise to change these historical presents to English past tenses.


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