2 Corinthians

You can only really understand this letter well if you have read the first letter to the Corinthians. In that letter Paul had to write about many things that were wrong with the Corinthians. He is very excited to see how they received the first letter. Had they listened to what he had written to them in that letter or did they tear it off in anger? He did not know and therefore he was waiting anxiously for their response. Fortunately he received news that the letter was well received. All problems did not vanish immediately, but they had taken the letter to their heart and consented to cooperate with him in rectifying things.

When Paul heard this he was very happy. Therefore he again takes up the pen and writes to them in a way that touches hearts and feelings. Here he opens up his heart without any qualms. Sometimes it looks as if he would lose his train of thought because his heart is so full and he has to tell them so much. But although you will meet a lot of different themes in this letter one can see an impressive order.

What makes this letter so impressive is that it appears that it is written especially for you. You were certainly not in all the situations Paul was in and most probably you will not come into such situations. However one can learn much from Paul’s example of how he conducted himself in these situations. This of course will be a great help to you. Anyone who wants to serve Christ in his life will have to face difficult situations. It will also be the same in your case if you want to serve Christ.

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